We have raised the bar for dog care with the first truly guilt-free and cage free boarding alternative for the discriminating pet lover.
Colleen Gonzalez - Waggy Resort, LLC

There's no place like home and there's no place like Waggy Resort.  Waggy Resort is a loving alternative to Dog Kennels, Dog Camps, Pet Resorts or Dog Hotels. Imagine a worry-free trip or vacation where you can leave your furry companion knowing it will receive exceptional care while you enjoy your travels. We want to make Waggy Resort your pets' home away from home so you can enjoy your time away.

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Cage Free Dog Boarding

Get peace of mind when you travel away from home by leaving your dog in the caring hands of an experienced pet care provider. Unlike kennels – where animals may be confined to cages and exposed to potential health risks – private dog home boarding gives your dog full run of a pet-friendly, crate free house, plus plenty of TLC (Tender Loving Care).

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Here at Waggy Resort, we allow your dog(s) to be a dog while also enjoying the high life in a truly cage and stress free environment. At night, your furry companion can cuddle up in a warm bed with one of our family members in order to bring them that much closer to home. Pet boarding like this is like having a family member take care of your pet, only better! Forget the rest, this is the closest thing to the comfort of home for your pet.


  • "My husband and I are newly retired and adopted a puppy from a shelter about eight months ago. This was a first dog ever for both of us so needless to say we were concerned when..."
    Michele Jaeger
  • "This is the first time our beloved Bailey has ever stayed away from family in the year we have had him. Initially he was going to be with his sister in her new apartment in Jac..."
    Deborah Iseman
    Bailey's Mom
  • "I had a to leave on a work trip and was panicking having to leave my baby boy somewhere. I have never put him in a kennel, and being new to the area I was freaking out that I w..."
    Kaitlin Vandiver
    Completely statisfied mommy